mercredi 4 février 2015

Thematic Photographic 324 - Edible

Those who follow my Florida blog will have seen these photos before.  We are in Florida for the winter months and we have rented a home that has several fruit trees in the front and back yard.  I am not sure we will ever be able to take advantage of these edibles but it is nice to see.

There are two fairly large papaya trees with ripening fruit way up high, quite unattainable.

There is at the front of the home coconut trees, again beautiful fruit ready to pick but how can I get them? There is a ladder in the garage, but it is not long enough.  Maybe I should flag down the next hydro truck that comes down the street?

And then there are the future fruit to come.  There is a mango tree in the back yard flowering profusely.  Will the fruit grow and mature before we leave in April?

And the peach tree that flowered for the first time in January has little tiny budding peaches.  Will we be able to taste that wonderful juiciness before we leave? Can you see them?  They are so tiny!

Now the neighbour behind us has a banana tree.  Maybe I can persuade him to let me have a few when they are ripe?  I think I will have to get Max to stop barking at his cat first.

So much edible fruit that is so unattainable!  Oh well there is a Publix Grocery store down the street. If you would like to see the contributions of others to Carmi's theme go to his blog at Written Inc. 

6 commentaires:

  1. All that beautiful, tropical fruit! It's too cold for it to grow in New Zealand, so I have to buy papayas or mangoes if I want them. I guess maybe you'll have to do the same!

  2. I've never seen papaya trees, or mangos for that matter! Hope they ripen before you leave! Nut looks a really great place to be in the winter! By the way, your link at Carmi's didn't work! I got here from the list on the right of the page that comes up!

  3. Que j'aimerais ça être bilingue comme ça!!!

  4. Looks an idyllic place to be with the promise of all that fruit to come.

  5. It amazes me that in Florida, so much incredible food can just grow naturally. The only word that I can think of is "miraculous"! I, too, hope you get to enjoy some of these first-hand before you head back north. I also hope there will be additional photos to share when you do!